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Donate to The Ancient Yew Group

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Donate to Ancient Yew Group

Make a donation towards the upkeep of the Ancient Yew Group`s website. The Ancient Yew Group was founded to find, record and preserve Britain's ancient and veteran yew trees. A strong and diverse group of volunteers have dedicated many years of time and effort in achieving this goal and ensuring that all information is published and accessible to all interested parties.

With the progress of technology, the Ancient Yew Group’s website is now lacking in essential capability to enable us to continue to disseminate information to the wider public and partner organisations, and to remain at the forefront of UK based biological recording. It is imperative that we redesign our outdated website before the present website fails. This will include new design templates, will improve our content management capabilities and migrate a number of nationally important data bases to our new site. This will greatly enhance our opportunities to communicate with our key users and enable volunteers to continue to record Yew Trees, adding to the nationally important database that will remain free to all users. As a result of this project, ancient yew trees will continue to be better protected and a wide range of resources regarding yew trees can continue to be disseminated to interested people, communities, agencies and land managers.