A unique record of Notable and Ancient Trees in Britain and Ireland

Category B Photo Gallery

Trees growing with a clearly defined single stem which have:
1. natural features that increase the measurement at 1.5m.
2. to be measured at a height other than 1.5m.

Oak - Category B

A very fine Oak but the girth, best measured at about 1m is clearly exaggerated by a large low limb.

Cedar - Category B

This Cedar has a very obvious low branch arising close to the ground and apparently fusing with the main trunk. This tree was best measured just above ground level at its narrowest girth.

Burred Oak - Category B

Beautifully burred and with a large low branch this Oak has an exaggerated girth , whether measure above the branch (on the right) or below it closer to the ground.

Ancient Ash - Category B

This wonderful ancient Ash has too many burrs and bumps to record a meaningful girth at 1.5m. The smallest girth was record at about 0.5m.

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