A unique record of Notable and Ancient Trees in Britain and Ireland

The Tree Register

What is the Tree Register?

  • The Tree Register is a registered charity collating and updating a database of notable trees throughout Britain and Ireland.
  • It provides information on the size and growth of trees which is not available from any other source.
  • This unique register comprises of a computer database with details of more than 150,000 trees.
  • It contains data from the original hand written records of the late and internationally acclaimed dendrologist Alan Mitchell.
  • It includes historical records taken from reference works going back more than 200 years. Recent height and girth measurements can be compared to those recorded by the likes of J.C. Louden (1830`s), Henry Elwes and Augustine Henry (early 1900`s) and the Hon. Maynard Greville (1950`s) providing a valuable record of growth rates.
  • It records details of rare, unusual and historically significant trees.
  • It provides full data on the largest trees of each species - the definitive record of Britain and Ireland's champion trees.
  • The Tree Register organises a volunteer network of over 50 tree measurers who update historical records and discover over 2,000 new trees worthy of inclusion each year.
  • The records held are unique in as much as they represent the only comprehensive source of information on the size and location of trees in Britain and Ireland.
  • The importance, appreciation and enjoyment of any tree can be greatly enhanced by knowing it is of particular significance as a rare or exceptional specimen locally or nationally.
  • Owners often have trees which are far more unusual than they realise; either rare in cultivation or of exceptional age, stature and vigour.

Who uses the Tree Register?

  • Anyone with an interest in trees.
  • Parish Council Tree Wardens and local conservation groups.
  • Students, dendrologists, botanists, scientists, arborists, foresters, and professional organisations.
  • Local Authorities, landscape architects, planners, property developers and environmentalists.
  • The media - writers, television.

Reasons for contacting the Tree Register

  • To discover the location of exceptionally large, tall, ancient and veteran trees.
  • To find if a local tree is of greater national importance due to its size and age.
    N.B. A Tree Measuring Report Form is available to send your information to the Tree Register.
    Please use the Measuring Trees link on the menu bar for further information.
  • To highlight the importance of a local tree and to give support for protection and retention during development.
  • To provide a list of notable trees to discover when visiting public parks or properties such as those owned by the National Trust.
  • To study species and their success relative to site conditions and location.
  • Research and study growth rates.
  • To aid the research of rare and endangered species.
  • Use of the Tree Register database as a gene bank to find exceptional or rare specimens for propagation.
  • To locate veteran trees for research into their wildlife value.
  • To locate examples of ancient pollards and coppice stools for research into historic woodland management techniques.
  • Help select suitable trees for use in urban landscaping schemes.
  • Use of data in publications, articles and television programmes.
  • Help locate notable trees for photography, publicity shots and advertisements.

Who has contacted the Tree Register?

  • Swindon Council
  • Aylesbury Vale District Council
  • Bolton College
  • Northampton District Council
  • Surrey County Council
  • London College
  • University of Ulster
  • Trees of London (Charity)
  • Hertfordshire College
  • London Parks and Gardens
  • Hyder (Environmental Consultants)
  • International Dendrology Society
  • Devon Gardens Trust
  • Dorset Wildlife Trust
  • Trebah Gardens Trust
  • Dyffryn Gardens Restoration
  • The Lost Gardens of Heligan
  • Drelincourt Gardens Ltd. Wrexham
  • Forestry Commission
  • Forestry Authority Scotland
  • Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, London
  • Hillier Arboretum, Hampshire
  • Conservation Foundation (Dr D Bellamy)
  • Kew RBG, London
  • Ancient Tree Forum
  • International Tree Society
  • The National Trust
  • Tree Register of Ireland
  • Institute of Chartered Foresters
  • Conifer Conservation Programme
  • The Sunday Telegraph
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