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06 April 2014
New champions springing up in 2014!

The mild spring has brought tree-hunters out of hibernation early and 107 Champion Trees for Britain and Ireland have already been updated or discovered for 2014. You can now explore all their details in the Members' Section of this website. The picture shows Sophora cassioides flowering in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. This tree is endemic to Gough Island, in the South Atlantic 3000km west of Cape Town, and this is the first time that it is known to have reached tree-size in Britain.

22 March 2014
Highland Glen home of giants

Reelig Glen a Forestry Commission site near Inverness, is home to the new tallest tree in Britain and the tallest conifer in Europe. A Douglas Fir, growing near to a previous tallest tree called Dughall Mor, was measured by the Tree Register using laser rangefinders. A height of 66.4m was recorded making it the first conifer to be recorded pover 66m in Britain and Europe.

As reported in The Scotsman and other Scottish newspapers. More details in Newsletter No.22 available online in the Members Area.

This news updates the previous headline "New Tallest Tree" report from 14th September 2013

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