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25 April 2018
A Door Opens...

At the Tree Register, we try to update the records of exceptional trees, especially the national Champions, every decade or so. But sometimes it takes much longer to revisit out-of-the-way places and, occasionally, our volunteer recorders are given access to gardens and estates which haven't been visited by tree measurers for half a century or more.

This month, Brian Jones, Gareth Bowen and myself visited the garden of Garnons in Herefordshire, following in the footsteps of Alan Mitchell in 1969; the trees that we found included this ancient Pedunculate Oak, built into the Repton-period garden wall. The tree is hollow on both sides with a gap big enough to squeeze through, and the outer side is fitted with a door. Recent attempts by the tree to heal itself mean that you can no longer actually open the door, and we were only able to get the tape measure around this one by the happenstance of Brian and Gareth arriving at the tree from inside the gardens just as I reached it from outside them.

The 'Postern Oak' is one of hundreds of new County Champion and remarkable trees discovered during 2018. Members can explore the details of all of them inside this site.

Owen Johnson

01 March 2018
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