A unique record of Notable and Ancient Trees in Britain and Ireland

Our wonderful tree heritage is recorded within the Tree Register, a Registered Charity with a unique database of over 200,000 of our most notable Trees.

The Tree Register is the Tree Register of the British Isles, also known as the Tree Register of Britain and Ireland and often referred to by its acronym TROBI

The Tree Register is a founder Member of the
European Champion Tree Forum

Join here for just £15.00 (ONLY £12.00 if you join by Bankers Order!) and not only will you play a direct part in supporting our work, for both the enjoyment and the serious study of Trees in Britain and Ireland, you will also enjoy other benefits.

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Latest News from The Tree Register

24 August 2015
The Mystery of Liverpool\'s Hebei Elms

A recent recording trip to north-west England has confirmed that Liverpool's Calderstones Park is becoming arg... More Info

03 June 2015
Northern Europe\'s Biggest Tree?

Finding the tallest tree, and the tree with the greatest girth, is relatively simple, but calculating the tree tha... More Info

18 May 2015
Pupils roped in to measure the UKs tallest broadleaf tree

Two Bryanston pupils, Hannah and Robert, today climbed one of Europe's tallest broadleaf trees. They succeeded... More Info

12 April 2015
It's Magnolia Season!

Many of the Spring flowering magnolia are looking their best at the moment. This is the champion Magnolia 'Col... More Info

12 March 2015
Spring is here!

The Champion Cornus officinalis in Kew Gardens, photographed by Bryan Roebuck. A fine small tree for what... More Info

23 February 2015
The Tallest Wild Tree in Britain

Last year Brighton dendrologist Peter Bourne identified a beech tree growing in the National Trust's Newtimber... More Info

01 January 2015
Tallest Tree in London

The search is on for the tallest tree growing within Greater London. Results will be out in February 2015.

... More Info

How can I become involved?

Volunteers required

If you have an interest in trees and wish to become more involved with The Tree Register, we are looking for help organising events, guided walks and meetings at local and national level. We have support from many landowners to allow organised access to private collections but require help to successfully run a programme of events for our members, including the successful Alan Mitchell Lecture. Volunteer tree recorders, become one of our "Tapers", and photographers are also always welcome to help with ongoing survey work and updating of historic records.

If being a part of The Tree Register success appeals to you or wish to discuss other ways to be involve

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The Queen Elizabeth Oak. 'The Queen Elizabeth Oak'
Courtesy of Pomegranate Press

The Tallest Tree in the British Isles
The Tallest Tree in the British Isles

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