A unique record of Notable and Ancient Trees in Britain and Ireland

Our wonderful tree heritage is recorded within the Tree Register, a Registered Charity with a unique database of over 200,000 of our most notable Trees.

The Tree Register is the Tree Register of the British Isles, also known as the Tree Register of Britain and Ireland and often referred to by its acronym TROBI

The Tree Register is a founder Member of the
European Champion Tree Forum

Join here for just £15.00 (ONLY £12.00 if you join by Bankers Order!) and not only will you play a direct part in supporting our work, for both the enjoyment and the serious study of Trees in Britain and Ireland, you will also enjoy other benefits.

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Latest News from The Tree Register

06 October 2016
The Wentworth Elm is Rediscovered

Two elegant weeping elms in the Palace garden of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh have been confirmed by elm experts Pet... More Info

02 October 2016
How Many Kinds of Tree are there?

Q. How many different kinds of tree can be found growing in Britain and Ireland?

A. Nobody knows!

... More Info
02 September 2016
Street-wise in Chelsea

Street trees need to be able to cope with the dry, compacted soil under pavements and to be neatly and reliably sh... More Info

19 August 2016
Co. Wicklow produces its third tall tree over 60m

Within a small group of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) planted c.1930 at Glendalough in the Wicklow National Park... More Info

30 June 2016
Estimating the Age of Ancient Oaks by T H Moller

An established method for estimating the age of large and veteran trees is reviewed in the context of historic gir... More Info

10 June 2016
Champion Redwoods at Longleat

The woods of the Longleat estate, which have long been managed as 'continuous cover' forestry, now have th... More Info

30 May 2016
New Welsh Champions

A recent visit to north Wales has located 85 new champion trees, including this Cryptomeria japonica '... More Info

15 April 2016
The Tree Register Alan Mitchell Lecture 2016
The 2016 Tree Register Alan Mitchell Lecture will be held on Thursday 9th June... More Info
01 April 2016
Latest Newsletter is out now!

Newsletter No.24 has been posted to all members. If you have not received your copy contact us today!

&... More Info

01 March 2016
ARBORETUM - New Book by Owen Johnson is available soon


ARBORETUM The history of the trees of Britain and Ireland - in this ground-b... More Info

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How can I become involved?

Volunteers required

If you have an interest in trees and wish to become more involved with The Tree Register, we are looking for help organising events, guided walks and meetings at local and national level. We have support from many landowners to allow organised access to private collections but require help to successfully run a programme of events for our members, including the successful Alan Mitchell Lecture. Volunteer tree recorders, become one of our "Tapers", and photographers are also always welcome to help with ongoing survey work and updating of historic records.

If being a part of The Tree Register success appeals to you or wish to discuss other ways to be involve

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The Queen Elizabeth Oak. 'The Queen Elizabeth Oak'
Courtesy of Pomegranate Press

The Tallest Tree in the British Isles
The Tallest Tree in the British Isles

Arboretum – New Book by Owen Johnson
Arboretum New Book by Owen Johnson
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