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Tricky Trees Photo Gallery

Difficult trees to measure that do not appear to conform to the descriptions of categories A, B or C.

Measure as a Category B tree

This Oak has separate parts of its trunk which are now falling apart. Its girth is now significantly wider than it was a few years ago. This is measured at about 1m around its smallest girth as a B tree.

Measure as a Category A tree

Despite all of its low layering branches, this Cedar still has a clearly defined stem from where they originated and this can still be measured as an A tree at 1.5m.

A Willow that has partially collapsed

A Willow that has partially collapsed and layering. It may have no defined trunk and there may be several independently growing parts. As such it is best to find the smallest girth between ground and 1.5m and record as a C tree

Ancient Hawthorn stems

These ancient Hawthorn stems were once upright making up a typical multi stemmed tree, possibly arising from a much older tree that had been coppiced. It is difficult to be sure whether these originally arose from one or more original trees. Now the only comparable measurements are obtained by treating each stem independently as an A or B tree.

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