Life Membership of The Tree Register £150.00
Life Membership of The Tree Register For a one off payment of £150.00 you can become a life member.

Not only can you enjoy being a member of the Tree Register, so helping record our remarkable tree heritage, you will receive other benefits.

New Tax Laws Help The Tree Register.
As you may already know, every time a UK taxpayer makes a donation to a charity, such as The Tree Register, the charity can reclaim tax on the donation under the new Gift Aid Scheme and increase the value at no extra cost to the donor.
For example your membership subscription of £125.00 enables us to reclaim tax of nearly £35.00.

If you are a UK taxpayer please tick the Gift Aid box on the checkout form.
We can then claim the tax back from the Inland Revenue, provided you pay an amount of UK income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim - 28p on every £1 you give.

You will receive a password to access to view the Champion Tree Database and special, regularly updated pages, within a Members Only area on the Tree Register Web Site. You will also receive our annual newsletter and two Latest News E-News letters.

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