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The Great Oaks of Britain and Ireland

The Great Oaks of Britain and Ireland - details of 418 trees past and present listed in county order - Go to the Oak page in the Members area

Hatton Gardner measuring Populus x berolinensis at RBG Kew

60 years of Tree recording

Mr PH (Hatton) Gardner celebrated 60 years of tree recording with a visit to Kew. Hatton began recording trees in 1945 as part of his job locating timber trees, but which quickly became a hobby. Keeping a diary throughout this time provides us now with a wealth of data. Being obsessed with accuracy his records can be assured. Many trees he measured annually for over 40 years providing interesting growth rate statistics for a number of species. We have only glimpsed at the diaries but it is already clear that within the pages are trees we never knew existed which were of champion status. The diaries are now part of the Tree Register archives held at Kew.

Photo: Hatton Gardner measuring Populus x berolinensis at RBG Kew (Copyright © Roy Lancaster 2005)

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Photo: Not all champion trees are found on private land, here the largest Zelkova carpinifolia grows on a roadside verge in Suffolk, England. Copyright© The Tree Register 1999.

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