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8th ECTF Meeting 2019
Potsdam and Berlin, Germany
Hosted by Deutsche Dendrologische Gesellschaft and the Botanical Garden of the University of Potsdam, 23rd – 26th May 2019
Report to follow meeting

7th ECTF Meeting 2017
Kew Gardens, London, England
Hosted by the Tree Register of Britain and Ireland and Kew Gardens, 21st - 24th September 2017

6th ECTF Meeting 2016
Lednice, Czech Republic.
Hosted by Luboš Úradníček and the Mendel University in Brno, 24th - 28th August 2016

5th ECTF Meeting 2015
National Parks, Hungary.
Hosted by György Posfái, 7th - 10th May 2015

4th ECTF Meeting 2014
Valsaín, Spain.
Hosted by Susana Dominguez Lerena, 10th - 14th October 2014

3rd ECTF Meeting 2013
Bialowieza National Park, Poland.
Hosted by Piotr Krasiński, 14th -16th June 2013

2nd ECTF Meeting 2011
Härle Arboretum in Bonn, Germany, 8th and 9th October 2011
Hosted by the Deutsche Dendrologische Gesellschaft (German Dendrology
Society), the Gesellschaft Deutsches Arboretum (German Arboreta Society) and the
Arboretum Härle

1st ECTF Meeting 2010
Wespelaar Arboretum, Belgium, 23rd October 2010
Hosted by Philippe de Spoelberch, Arboretum Wespelaar, Belgium by invitation of the Tree Register (of Britain and Ireland)

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