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  • A key to common names can be found at the end of this page.

  • Girth measurements were recorded at 1.5m above ground unless shown as otherwise in the @ column.

  • Please note that many of these trees are growing on private property and permission must be sought from the owners before visiting.
    For further details please contact the Tree Register.

  • The Tree Register endeavours to keep these records as up to date as possible.
    We rely on reports from local people and volunteer measurers as to the health and condition of these trees.

  • We would like to hear from anyone who knows of trees bigger than those listed or who can report on the death or loss of any tree listed.

Please use the Online Measuring Form to report a potential champion tree or if you wish to confirm a trees status, nationally or locally.
The tree in your garden may be more special than you think.

Native Species
Common Name Genus Species
Alder, Common Alnus glutinosa
Ash, Common Fraxinus excelsior
Aspen Populus tremula
Beech, Common Fagus sylvatica
Birch, Downy Betula pubescens
Birch, Silver Betula pendula
Box Buxus sempervirens
Cherry, Bird Prunus padus
Cherry, Wild Prunus avium
Crab, Wild Malus sylvestris
Elm, Wych Ulmus glabra
Hawthorn, Common Crataegus monogyna
Hawthorn, Midland Crataegus laevigata
Hazel Corylus avellana
Holly Ilex aquifolium
Hornbeam Carpinus betulus
Juniper, Common Juniperus communis
Lime, Broad-Leafed Tilia platyphyllos
Lime, Small-Leafed Tilia cordata
Maple, Field Acer campestre
Oak, Common Quercus robur
Oak, Sessile Quercus petraea
Pine, Scots Pinus sylvestris
Poplar, Black Populus nigra subsp. betulifolia
Rowan/Mountain ash Sorbus aucuparia
Service Tree, Wild Sorbus torminalis
Strawberry Tree Arbutus unedo
Whitebeam Sorbus aria
Whitebeam, Bristol Sorbus bristoliensis
Willow, Bay Salix pentandra
Willow, Crack Salix fragilis
Willow, Goat Salix caprea
Willow, Grey Salix cinerea
Willow, Osier Salix viminalis
Willow, White Salix alba
Yew, Common Taxus baccata

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